Paul Dunbar is an accomplished director of photography with over 30 years experience in the television and film industry. His work includes projects ranging from television shows and documentaries, to corporate videos and commercials. He is experienced in many areas of production such as editing, writing and directing, but is more comfortable behind the lens of a camera.

Dunbar is a highly skilled lighting cameraman with a reputation for creating images that enhance the storyline through composition, meticulous lighting, and motivated camera movement. Over the years, he’s had the opportunity to work with several talented cinematographers and was exposed to many different approaches and styles. He is an award-winning director of photography who will bring originality and style to your production.

Throughout his career, Dunbar has built good relationships with many production companies, ad agencies, and television networks, who continue to use his services. So, whether he’s working with a full crew or as a one man band, his versatility, work ethic, and ability to work well with other professionals makes him a valuable addition to your project.

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